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Startex Textile Ink

A professional-grade fabric painting ink 

Startex Fabric Paint
Startex Textile Ink
A high quality colouful fabric painting ink
  • Waterbased and non-toxic formula

  • Ink is waterproof once dry

  • Can be used with a brush, calligraphic pen, airbrush, toothpick, reed pen, quill, and cotton bud

Colourfast textile ink for fabric painting and printing. Easy heat-set process for permanence. Apply by brush, stencil or screen. Suitable for painting and printing designs on T-shirts, pillowcases, cushions and table cloths.


Handy Hints:
Sample test fabric to ensure suitability - most fabrics require laundering to remove sizing. When mixed with clear medium depth of colour can be reduced without affecting the performance. The addition of water should be done sparingly as this will affect fastness properties.

Allow colours to dry overnight. Dryer: Place in dryer on a hot setting for 45 minutes (large item). Allow to age for 48 hours, then repeat the process. Iron: Place fabric paint side up between clean papers (no printed papers) iron on a hot setting, constantly moving to prevent burning for a minimum of 4 minutes (small T-shirt).

Product Information:

  • Enviro-Mark NZ Gold

  • New Zealand Made

5 Star Paints

Startex Textile Ink

  • Professional Fabric Ink

  • Bright Colours

  • Non-Toxic

  • Create your own colouful designs

Heatsetting is required to make your artwork permanent

Paint a t shirt with Startex
startex 1 Litre

1 Litre Jars

startex 375ml

375ml Jars

All jars can be recycled within New Zealand.

Startex Colour Chart
startex colour chart
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