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Marbling Paint Set

Waterbased - All you need to get started.

Marbling Kit Small
5 Star Marbling Ink Assorted Colours
Amazing bright colours in concerntrate
  • Non-Toxic 

  • Bottle size: 15ml

  • Quantity: Set of 6 colours

The 5 Star Marbling Ink is a water based, non-toxic ink. In marbling, colour floated on either plain water or a viscous solution known as size creates patterns similar to variegated marble stone which are then transferred onto paper, card or fabric. 

Marbling is the process of transferring patterns of floating colour onto the paper. This small water-based kit has six inks base mix brush and stylus and will enable all ages to explore and understand the marbling process.Complete step-by-step instructions included.

Product Information:

  • Enviro-Mark NZ Gold

  • New Zealand Made


Marbling design - 5 Star Marbling Set

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