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5 Star Printing Foam Sets

Suitable for ages 3 and up, Printing Foam offers a fantastic, mess-free way to explore the art of printmaking. Unleash your creativity and see what unique prints you can create!

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Printing Foam Sets

Oven Bake Modelling Clay

Five Star Printing Foam is an affordable and user-friendly printmaking material made of polystyrene. Its soft surface allows for the creation of intricate lines and patterns, which can be reproduced countless times. This makes it an ideal introduction to printmaking for all ages, as no cutting tools are required.

Small Pack of 10: 
10 sheets of 190x 130 mm

Stock Code: PFS10

Large Pack of 10: 
10 sheets of 289 x 209 mm

Stock Code: PFS10

5 Star Printing Foam Sets
5 Star Printing Foam Lesson
5 star pring foam

Free PDF Download Lesson Plan

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