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Refinded Linseed Oil

Use with oil colours

artist linseed oil
Refined Artist’s Linseed Oil 
  • Popular way to increase transparency, reduce consistency and slows drying time

  • To be used with oil-based paints

Highly refined artist’s linseed oil Used to reduce the consistency of oil colours, increase transparency and gloss.
Slows drying time.

For a general purpose medium for all methods of oil painting mix 5 parts Five Star Artists Distilled Turpentine with 1 part Artists Refined Linseed Oil. This ratio will produce a lean medium with a non-glossy finish.

Do not leave cleaning rags “screwed up” (spontaneous combustion may occur) rinse thoroughly in detergent & water and hang out to dry to re-use.

Product Information:

  • Enviro-Mark NZ Gold

artist linseed oil

1 Litre - ECO Packaging

artist linseed oil


linseed oil 60ml


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