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Tempera Paint Blocks 

Just Add Water
5 Star tempera blocks Thin
Paint Stacker Set 18s

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5 Star Tempera Block Packs:

Choose from Large or Thin cakes in vibrant colours.

5 Star Tempera Block cakes provide concentrated, brilliant colours in a convenient package. Simply moisten the cake with a brush, and paint as you would with an opaque tempera or a watercolour wash.

Compare the convenience of tempera cakes with liquid tempera. There is no spillage, no waste, and no overload of colour when using tempera cakes. They are easy for a group of children to share and manage in a classroom.


5 Star Tempera Blocks are available in packs in two sizes large and thin.

Tempera Blocks Paint colours
tempera blocks
Earth Tone Colours
Choose from packs of 6 (large) and 12 (thin) in vibrant colours.
5 Star tempera blocks Thin Standard
Star tempera blocks Thin Earthtone

Thin: in packs of 12 colours

Star tempera blocks Large Standard
Star tempera blocks Large Fluoro Colours

Large: in packs of 6 colours

Thin Packs: (40 mm x 8 mm)
Standard colour Pack 12 x assorted colours - Code: TBTSTD12
Earthtone Pack, 12 x earthtone colours -  Code: TBTET12 

Large Packs:  
Standard Colour Pack 6 x assorted colours - (57 mm x 19 mm) 
Fluro Pack Pack (smaller) , 6 x Fluro colours -  (44 mm x 16 mm)  Code: TBSFL6

Just Add Water

5 Star tempera blocks Thin colours
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