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Water Soluble Painting Dye 

Powder Concentrated Dye   

Water Solulable Dye
Water Soluble Painting Dye 
Amazing bright colours in concerntrate
  • Non-Toxic 

  • Strong Colours

  • Powder form, which can be diluted to desired depth of tone.

Water soluble painting dye in powder form. Use as a drawing ink colour wash non permanent fabric dye resist work over crayon or Five Star Cold Wax. Can be used to learn the process of screen printing when added to a heavy cellulose paste or gel. Strong colours made using food dye pigments (not for food use). Add warm water and mix for desired intensity. Sensitive to water once dry.

Product Information:

  • Enviro-Mark NZ Gold

  • New Zealand Made

water soluble dye

30 gram Jar 

will make approx. 3 Litres of dye

Water Soluble Dye Colour Chart
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