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Printing Foam: A Fun and Easy Introduction to Printmaking

5 Star Printing Foam
5 Star Printing Foam

Five Star Printing Foam is an affordable and user-friendly printmaking material made of polystyrene. Its soft surface allows for the creation of intricate lines and patterns, which can be reproduced countless times. This makes it an ideal introduction to printmaking for all ages, as no cutting tools are required.

Let's Get Started:

Design Your Print

  • Draw directly onto the foam using a pencil or ballpoint pen, pressing firmly to create deep indentations. You might need to trace over your lines a second time to ensure they are sufficiently deep.

  • Alternatively, sketch your design on a piece of paper first. Place the paper over the Printing Foam and trace the design, pressing firmly to transfer the lines.

Apply Paint

  • Squeeze some paint onto a piece of paper or a plastic plate.

  • Use a foam roller to pick up the paint and then roll it over your Printing Foam design, ensuring even coverage. Feel free to experiment with multiple colors for a more dynamic print.

Transfer the Print

  • Place a sheet of Artworx paper over the painted Printing Foam.

  • Press firmly and evenly with your hand, then carefully lift the paper off and leave it to dry.


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