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3D Paint

Fantastic and versatile 3D Paint

3d paint example
3D Creative Paint
Create amazing 3D artworks in bright colours
  • Non-Toxic 

  • Strong Colours

  • Dries to a raised 3D effect..

The 5 Star 3D Creative Paint is a high-strength PVA-based solution that produces a bright, glossy finish. Suitable for creating vibrant 3D-like pictures, window stickers, or leadlight effects. It can also be used as colourful glue and features a convenient nozzle to apply and reduce spillage.

This paint has a bright glossy finish in a range of colours, including gold and silver. 


Use directly from the bottle with the easy application spout.  It may be used on paper, card, wood, stone, fabric, foil, glass, plastic, and ceramics though it may release from non-porous surfaces when dry.  


Tip:  To get the 3D effect, pour the paint rather than paint it on with a brush. The thick paint then stays raised above the substrate to give a 3D effect. 

Product Information:

  • Enviro-Mark NZ Gold

  • New Zealand Made

3d paint 250ml

250ml bottle with a

twist action nozzle cap

3D Creative Paint Colour Chart
Colour Chart
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