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Oven Bake Modelling Clay

Du-kit Oven Bake Modelling Clay
Du-Kit Oven Bake Modelling Clay


Oven Bake Modelling Clay

Du-Kit, the preferred oven bake modelling clay for both novice and seasoned crafters alike. Crafted right here in New Zealand, Du Kit offers affordability without compromising on quality. Our clay boasts a non-crumbly formula, ensuring ease of use, and is offered in a diverse palette of vibrant colors, available in both 50g and 250g packs.

Du Kit allows for limitless creativity with its easy-to-use formula. Craft intricate items and artwork with confidence, knowing Du Kit's versatility ensures excellent results every time.

Modeling with Du Kit is simple and rewarding. After crafting, just bake in a standard oven for durability.

Our unique formula requires minimal conditioning, and Du Kit retains its shape during modeling. It's ideal for various techniques, from polymer art to crafting custom jewellery.

With 24 beautiful colours, including rich tones and soft pastels, Du Kit offers endless possibilities. Blend colours for custom shades.

Du-Kit's soft and pliable consistency is perfect for detailed sculptures and stop motion animation.

Unlock your creativity with Du Kit's colour chart and mixing guide. Available in 50g or 250g blocks, Du Kit is your partner in crafting.

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