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Cold Wax Solution

Ready to Use - Non-Toxic

5 Star Cold Wax Bottles

500ml bottle

coldwax resist
Cold Wax Solution
Amazing bright colours in concerntrate
  • Non-Toxic - Tested to EC Standards

  • Strong Colours

  • Powder form, which can be diluted to desired depth of tone.

Ready to use water soluble resist wax. Used as a resist for water colours inks and dyes. Successive colour layers can be applied using the batik method. Air dries quickly and is a safer alternative with no fumes. Can be used for screen printing with paints inks dyes. Suitable on paper clay screens and fabric (test first).

Unlike traditional beeswax/paraffin blend batik, our cold wax batik requires no heat. Simply use a brush to apply the wax as a resist on both sides of the fabric, and dye it with cold water dyes (such as Procions). After fixing and drying the dye, wash the wax out with hot soapy water. For a stronger resist effect, we recommend painting the dyes onto the fabric instead of dip-dyeing. While cold wax batik offers a unique and easy-to-use alternative, it may not achieve the same level of detail as hot batik wax.


  • To remove from printing screens: use hot water and detergent scraping with a knife.

  • For fabric: iron between 2 sheets of clean paper.

  • If washing down a drain run copious amounts of hot water afterwards to avoid a blockage as this is a wax product.

Product Information:

  • Enviro-Mark NZ Gold

  • EN71-3 & EN71-7 & European C.E. Standards. 

  • New Zealand Made

Health and Safety
Using Cold Wax Solution
cold wax artwork
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