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Ezi Painting Dye

Ready-made dye in bright vibrant colours

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It's a Liquid

Ezi-Dye Painting Dye
It’s a liquid watercolour
  • Non toxic painting dye

  • Made from food dye pigments

  • Ready for use straight from the bottle

This Five Star Ezi-Dye Non Toxic Painting Dye is brilliant for creative and artistic projects. Made from food dye pigments, the dye is non toxic and ready to use straight from the bottle, great for student use. Excellent for schools, use in holiday programmes, after school care and at home. Produces bright and effective colours for great results.

Product Information:

  • Enviro-Mark NZ Gold

  • New Zealand Made

ezi dye 2 Litre.

It’s a liquid watercolour

Create Amazing artworks with EZI Dye &
5 Star Cold Wax

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ezi sizes

2 Litre Bottles

500ml bottles

5 Star Ezi Dye Colour Chart
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Health and Safety
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