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Our Story

From humble beginnings to large-scale paint supply...


Five Star Products Ltd was established in 1988 and is a proud New Zealand manufacturer of water-based art paints, dyes, inks, glues and other products in our Christchurch factory. Our company philosophy is being "responsive, innovative, solution finders", providing the right solutions for our customers.


Five Star Products Ltd represents five star quality. We strive to deliver great service and quality products and as part of this we research, develop, formulate and test all new and existing manufactured products. Over the years our brands have become widely recognised in the educational sector.


Five Star Products Ltd is committed to minimising the negative environmental impacts of our business activities and as part of this we joined the Enviromark programme back in 2006. This is a recognised Environmental Management Standard which is audited annually by a third party.


As part of our environmental initiatives, we now supply some our products in 100% NZ post-consumer kerbside collected recycled milk bottles. A major benefit of using these bottles is no virgin plastic is used in manufacturing these bottles. And, they can also be recycled again! Our environmental packaging displays our Eco Packaging logo.

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Our Brands

Over the years, Five Star Products Ltd has developed product brands specific to a range of products. Some of those include: 


Our wide range of manufactured products, made right here in Christchurch, include recognised brands such as

  • NZACRYL Acrylic Paint

  • STAR TEMPERA Poster Paint

  • EZI-DYE Painting Dye

  • STARTEX Textile Ink


  • APEX Artists Acrylic

  • FLINT Inks - Educational

  • SCHOOL ART Paints

Our Brands
Art Extra

Five Star Products Ltd range of brushes and accessories compliment our manufactured range of paints, inks, dyes, glues, etc. 

Our Art Extra ranging includes products from artist's paint brushes to glitter and ice cream sticks.

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