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NZACRYL  Acrylic Paint

A quality student's acrylic paint with a smooth buttery consistency. This versatile acrylic has a wide range of strong, bright intermixable colours and is water resistant, fast drying and lightfast.

​​NZACRYL Acrylic Paint
A high-quality student's acrylic paint
  • Non-toxic

  • Strong Bright Colours

  • Permanent Paint

  • New Zealand made

This acrylic paint is also water-resistant and has a fast-drying time, making it suitable for use on paper, cardboard, Gesso primed hardboard, canvas surfaces, plaster, and wood construction. 

Use a palette knife or brush for structured applications, mix with a pouring medium for pouring creations or dilute with water for brilliant watercolour effects.

The colour range includes warm and cool primary colours and eight stunning shades of metallics.


Clean-up is easy with soap and water. 

5 Star Paints


  • Allows for ALL the paint to be squeezed out.

  • 1.5 Litres with easy pour spout

NZacrylc sizes.jpg

All bottles  can be recycled within New Zealand.

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NZACRYL Acrylic Colour Chart
NZacrylc colour chart.jpg
NZACRYL Acrylic Metallic Colours
nz met colours.jpg
Bright Idea - Acrylic Pour0009.jpg

Acrylic Pour Painting instruction lesson plan with 5 Star Paints

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