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Creative Rock Painting Adventure

Learn About Rock Painting
Learn About Rock Painting

Bringing the outdoors into your creative art time is so much fun for children. It is a brilliant way to bring creative inspiration into their minds and help kids get inspired by nature. Rock painting is fun and a real adventure. This is a great sunny day activity.

Materials Needed:

Green Rockin Face
Green Rock Face

Let's get Started:

  1. Nature Walk: Take the children on a nature walk to collect rocks and exciting leaves. Please encourage them to find shapes that resemble animals or objects.

  2. Preparation: Set up the work area with a plastic sheet and put on aprons for protection.

  3. Exploration: Arrange the rocks and leaves on the table, discussing the shapes and potential creations with the children. See if they can spot animals or other objects in the rocks.

  4. Painting: Use tempera paints to start painting the rocks. Let the children's imaginations run wild as they create their masterpieces. They can paint and repaint for hours of enjoyment.

  5. Drying and Detailing: Allow the painted rocks to dry. Once dry, children can add eyes, ears, and other details using glue or a black marker.

Grey Painted Mouse Rock Face
Grey Painted Mouse Rock Face

Rock Painting
Rock Painting


  • Look for rocks with interesting shapes resembling animals or objects.

  • Clean rocks if necessary before painting.

  • Use acrylic paints for permanent artwork.

  • Utilise fallen autumn leaves for colourful artworks, preferably flat and printable leaves.

  • Let creativity flow and enjoy the process of turning simple rocks into unique artworks inspired by nature. Have fun sharing and admiring each other's creations! Tony

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