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10 Exciting and Practical Ways to Use Star Tempera School Paint

Exciting and Practical Ways to Use Star Tempera Paint
Exciting and Practical Ways to Use Star Tempera Paint

Tempera painting has remained a staple in the modern. Yet, this medium holds the power to cultivate artistic journeys for creators of every age group.

10 Exciting Tempera Paint Lessons and Projects with Star Tempera Paint for All Skill Levels

Star Tempera offers :

  • Resists fading in most premium paints

  • Cost-effective

  • Washable, including most clothing

  • Versatile with other media

  • Applicable on a variety of surfaces such as cardboard, papers, and windows

  • Fast-drying

  • Non-toxic

1. Colour Mixing Adventure: Discover the enchanting world of colour theory and mixing. Use Star Tempera paint to experiment with primary colours and create your own unique shades. Embrace the freedom to play with colours before venturing into other painting media. Let your imagination run wild!

2. Finger-Paint an Autumn Tree: Unleash your inner artist by creating a finger-painted autumn tree masterpiece. Dip your fingers into warm shades of yellow, brown, and red to craft a tree adorned with the vibrant hues of fall. For an added touch, you can use a Free PDF Template to guide your artwork.

3. Mirror Picture Painting: Experience the thrill of creating mirror images with Star Tempera Poster Paint. Watch as your strokes on one side are magically duplicated on the other. This activity will surely ignite excitement, especially for first-timers.

Scratch Painting
Scratch Painting

4. Vibrant Scratch Art: Uncover the hidden colours beneath a layer of black Star Tempera paint. Scratch intricate designs to reveal a world of vibrant shades underneath. Explore the captivating contrast between darkness and vividness.

5. Fun Clown Tutorial: Embrace the joy of painting with Star Tempera Poster Paint by creating a fun clown face on a paper plate. This playful tutorial is perfect for a quick and delightful art session.

6. Splatter Painting Made Easy: For busy art teachers and parents, splatter painting is a fantastic choice. Follow this simple guide to add a burst of energy to your canvas. Get creative by incorporating cutout shapes or jar lids for added dimension.

7. Colourful Texture Designer Papers: Unlock your inner collage artist by crafting colourful textured papers with Star Tempera paint. These papers can be the perfect foundation for collage projects, adding depth and character to your artwork.

8. Paint Tape Flags: Embark on a colourful flag-designing journey using masking tape and Star Tempera paint. This engaging project is suitable for young artists and encourages individuality. Follow our step-by-step guide to create eye-catching tape flags that burst with creativity.

9. Easter Chick Fork Painting with Star Tempera

Easter chicken fork painting is so much creative fun! An easy and quick way to create Easter greeting cards and posters.

,10. Create an Easter Bunny Roll with Star Tempera

Using art & craft products gets the creative thinking going! Doing this easy Easter project is great at home. It's a lot of fun and learning as a group activity.

Children's imaginations can run wild with these crafts.

It's all about having some fun!


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