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Five Star Paints Ltd was established in 1988 and is a recognised manufacturer of paints and importer of market related products for our customers. In April 2006 Five Star Paints Ltd achieved the gold standard in the Envrio-Mark certification, which is an environmental management system which is externally audited annually and marketed throughout New Zealand by Landcare Research.

The Five Star paint range includes popular brands like Star Tempera Poster Paint , NZACRYL Student Acrylic, Apex Acrylic for the Professional Artists, Creative Paint 3D Effect , and our cosmetic grade Face Paint.  In the dye and ink range we have Ezi-dye (Ready to Use) , Liquid Dye (Concentrate), Water Soluble Dye (Powder), Startex Textile Ink, Artists Printing Ink water based printing ink and the widely renowned Flint Ink in both water and oil based printing inks.  We also manufacture and import a range of mediums and glues, from powder versions to PVA‘s and pastes including powder and/or flurocesent paint for Paint Parties.

For a limited retail range of “Fun Range” – please see the link below.

As a company, we pride ourselves on being “responsive, innovative solution finders”.  We welcome your feedback.School Art Paint

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