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What is Indian Ink? FAQ on 5 Star Coloured Indian Drawing Inks

What is Indian Ink? FAQ on 5 Star Coloured Indian Drawing Inks
What is Indian Ink? FAQ on 5 Star Coloured Indian Drawing Inks

Discover the Magic of Drawing with 5 Star Indian Ink.

Indian Inks offer a world of creative possibilities, but they can sometimes be a bit challenging to master. To help you get started and unleash your artistic potential, we've compiled answers to frequently asked questions about our 5 Star Coloured Indian Ink.

Working in Black and White monoprint? For a deeper rich black Indian finish, try the Flint Mecca Black Indian ink used to create the artwork below.

Created with Flint Mecca Indian Ink
Created with Flint Mecca Indian Ink

What is Indian Ink?

Indian Ink comes in two variants: water-based and alcohol-based. Our 5 Star Indian Inks are water-based and boast a subtle shimmer effect in each colour. These inks can be mixed by pouring them into an ink well and blending with a pen or brush. To draw with them, dip a dipper pen into the Ink and create your masterpiece on watercolour paper. Alternatively, you can use a brush for seamless colour blending.

How do I store drawing inks?

For optimal storage, keep the cap on tightly and keep them upright. Ensure the inks are stored in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.

How to draw with a dip pen?

Drawing with a dip pen can be perplexing at first. Start by pouring your Ink into an ink well or a small glass if you don't have one. Dip the pen into the Ink and draw a line on scrap paper before starting your actual project. This practice will help you get comfortable before committing to your artwork.

How to draw using 5 Star Indian Ink?

Treat Indian Ink like you would a regular pen, and explore various drawing styles such as outlining, illustrating, journaling, pen and ink-style drawing, or mixed-media work. You may find it helpful to outline your artwork in pencil first, add colours using a brush, and then reinforce your linework with the pen for stronger effects.

Can I mix 5 Star Indian Inks?

Absolutely! You can mix our Indian Inks, but make sure they're both water-based. Unfortunately, alcohol-based inks resist water, so they won't mix well with our 5 Star Indian Inks. Play around with mixing water-based inks to create unique colours and effects.

How do I remove Indian Ink?

Indian Inks can be a little messy but don't worry. For non-porous surfaces, use warm soapy water immediately. When working with these inks, it's wise to wear an apron or old clothes and protect your workspace with a drop sheet or newspaper to prevent stains.

Can I use Indian Ink with other mediums?

Indian Ink is water-based, so it's best to stick with other water-based mediums like watercolour, acrylic, or gouache. You can experiment with various tools like calligraphy pens or traditional dipper pens to control the line weight. Additionally, you can use an airbrush with Indian Ink for even more versatility.

How long do Indian Inks take to dry?

Our 5 Star Indian Inks dry in approximately 30 minutes, or you can speed up the process by using a hair dryer.

Drawn using 5 Star Coloured Indian Ink
Drawn using 5 Star Coloured Indian Ink

Can I thicken or thin my Indian Inks?

Our 5 Star Indian Inks have been carefully formulated for consistent results, so it's best to use them as they are. However, if you desire a "runny" effect, you can dilute the inks with water. Keep in mind that this might result in weaker colours.

What paper do I use for Indian ink drawing?

For the best results, use watercolour paper when drawing with inks. This type of paper has a higher GSM and effectively absorbs water-based inks, preventing the paper from buckling as it would with standard copy paper.

How do I keep my colours bright?

To preserve the vibrancy of your drawing inks, store them correctly and keep your artwork away from direct sunlight. This simple step will help your colours stay brighter for longer, ensuring your creations stand out.

Embrace the versatility of 5 Star and Flint Indian Inks, and let your imagination run wild as you explore the captivating world of ink drawing.

Happy creating!

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