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Prints On Colour Techniques for Vibrant Artwork with Star Tempera

Prints on Colour: Heres a Bright Idea: With this creative artwork, you'll learn to work with Star Tempera and 5 Star Printing Ink using lots of colour and black patterns:

Download the PDF worksheet:

Bright Idea - Prints on Colour
Download PDF • 1.83MB

You will Need: 

Foam Roller

Five Star Lino Roller


Paper or Card



Let's Get Started:

Step 1:

Create a colourful background. For example, put drops of Star Tempera brilliant red, yellow, and orange on a piece of card and, using the foam roller, cover the entire sheet, leaving a tonal effect. Then, leave it to dry.

Step 2:

Take a sheet of Printing Foam and cut it to the desired size for the print, then using a pen/pencil, score the foam surface to

create your pattern. Use a ruler for the straight lines and freehand for the curved lines.

Step 3:

Using a spare sheet of printing foam (or a non-porous surface), place a knob of black 5 Star Artists Printing Ink onto it. Use the lino roller and roll out the ink until it is smooth and "sticky", and coat the roller evenly - always roll in a forward motion (not backwards and forwards).

Step 4:

Roll the black ink onto the patterned surface of the printing foam and coat evenly.

Step 5:

Place the inked pattern face down onto your painted background, burnish with your hand, press down firmly, and smooth over the entire surface. Then, lift the printing foam off carefully.

Prints On Colour Techniques
Prints On Colour Techniques

Step 6:

Repeat step 5 to make as many prints as you like.

Step 7:

Put aside to dry.

Prints On Colour
Prints On Colour

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