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  • Tony Parker

A Simple Guide to Using Glitter Paint

Using Glitter in the Classroom is Messy: Glitter is messy; it gets everywhere!

Once it is on your hands, it’s on your face, it’s in your hair, then door handles, benchtops, chairs and floors.  And don’t get me started on clothing.   So why do we put up with all this mess?  It’s all about the bling, the sparkle.

Art Teachers don't like glitter.  There is even a blog full of help called "Art Teachers Hate Glitter"

Is there a way to use glitter without so much mess?

The simple answer is yes.  It has been around for a long time, too. 

Glitter Paint.

The glitter particles are held together within a paint, and this stops the messy transfer of glitter that is normally left loose to fly around the room. 

Is Glitter sprinkled over glue or paste less messy?

This doesn’t work either, as glitter still gets everywhere because the glitter is loose and still gets airborne. 

How to use Glitter Paint.

Here are a few tips to get the best out of Glitter Paint.

Paint Your Glitter Paint Thickly. 

To get the intense concentration of glitter, try painting thickly.  This may take longer to dry, but the glitter is more concentrated once it dries.  Be careful not to apply too thick as this may overwet thinner paper, causing it to fall apart.  If you are concerned about this, you could try painting two coats of glitter paint.

Super Bright Glittering Colours:

To get amazing bright glittering colours.  Undercoat with,to dry.  Then, apply your Glitter Paint over the top.  This is ideal for Christmas decorations or when you need bright, strong colours that sparkle.  Try red tempera paint with red glitter, green tempera paint with green, etc.

Star Tempera is ideal for this.

Adding a Metallic Bling:

Undercoat with metallic paint and apply glitter paint of that same metallic or silver glitter paint over the top.

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