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Paint a Tote Bag with Startex Textile Ink & Milk Bottle Caps

Updated: May 18, 2023

Tote Bag Painting with Startex Fabric Paint
Tote Bag Painting with Startex Fabric Paint

Bag Fabric Painting: Paint this colourful design using plastic milk bottle caps with 5 Star Startex Fabric Painting Ink.

Bright Idea -Tote Bag (1)
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Download the PDF Bright Idea printable worksheet

Bag Fabric Painting

You will need the following:

• 5 Star Startex Textile Ink (5 colours)

• Plain calico tote bag

• Milk bottle cap x 5

• Cardboard

• Scissors/craft knife


Step 1: Wash the tote bag to remove any sizing from the fabric,

dry and iron it flat.

Step 2: Using the scissors/craft knife, cut a piece of cardboard to slide inside the bag. This is to pull the fabric tight while painting and protect the textile ink from transferring to the other side of the bag.

try painting with milk bottle caps

Step 3: Pour a small amount of each of the Startex colours onto a piece of cardboard.

Step 4: Using a milk bottle cap, dip the flat side into one of the Startex colours, press it onto the tote bag, and lift carefully. Ensure the cap doesn’t slide when pressing down, so you get a nice even circle.

make circles with the caps

Step 5: Keep repeating the previous step using a cap for each Startex colour to complete the pattern. Make sure you keep the same spacing between each coloured circle.

Step 6: Once the colours have dried sufficiently, paint the letters SMILE in the circles.

Step 7: Leave to dry overnight.

Step 8:

Heat setting process to permanently fix the Startex to the fabric (ensure Startex is thoroughly dry before heat setting): IRON: Place fabric, paint side up, between clean papers (no printed papers) iron on a hot setting, constantly moving to prevent burning, for a minimum of 4 minutes.

If you have any comments or questions, we would love to hear from you in the comments section below

Thank you.

Tony Parker

5 Star Startex fabric paint

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