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How to paint with our 5 Star Blackboard Paint


Ensure the surface is thoroughly clean, dry and free from dust, grease, oil, mildew and other contaminants. All loose, peeling and flaking materials must be removed by sanding or wire brushing. Fill holes and cracks with a suitable filler. Finish sanding the surface and remove all dust. Old glossy painted surfaces must be sanded to a dull finish before repainting. Mould-affected areas should be treated with a suitable product.

For new blackboards, apply 1 coat of undercoat paint and allow to dry before over-coating with 5 Star Blackboard Paint. For existing blackboards, wipe clean with mineral turpentine and leave to dry before recoating with 5 Star Blackboard Paint.


Stir thoroughly before use. Apply two coats by brush, roller or spray. Do not apply at temperatures below 10ºC or over 35ºC or in high humidity. If required thin up to 10% with water.


Allow a minimum of 12 hours of drying time between coats of 5 Star Blackboard Paint. Calculated at 20ºC and 65% humidity. Allow longer in colder or humid conditions. Allow at least 36 hours for drying after the application of the final coat, then apply chalk to the total blackboard surface and rub off before putting it into service.

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