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Dynamic Tape Resist Painting with Star Tempera Paint

Dynamic Tape Resist Painting with Star Tempera Paint

Dynamic Tape Resist Painting with Star Tempera Paint

A simple art and craft project to create paintings with crisp lines and bright, geometric designs with masking tape and Star Tempera Paint. It's easy, quick and fun for anyone!

You will need Star tempera

Materials Required:

  1. Paper

  2. Paint Brushes

  3. Star Tempera Paint in bright colours.

  4. Masking Tape

Tape up a design on your paper
Tape up a design on your paper

Let's get started:

Design Your Tape Canvas:

Lightly stick torn strips of masking tape to a blank sheet of paper, creating an intriguing and playful design. Encourage students to experiment with different shapes and arrangements. Do this lightly by pressing down as you will peel this back off the paper.

Choose Your Colour Palette:

Opt for vibrant colours of Star Tempera Paint. Allow students to unleash their creativity as they decide on the colour scheme for their artwork.

Apply the Paint:

Cover the entire paper, including the masking tape, using paint brushes with the selected colours. Encourage students to explore blending and overlapping techniques to produce visually striking results.

Reveal the Artistry:

Carefully peel off the masking tape to unveil the untouched canvas beneath. Witness the thrill as sharp lines and distinctive shapes come to life.

peel off the masking tape
Peel off the masking tape

Allow Drying Time:

Patience is key. Let the painted masterpiece dry completely. The anticipation adds an extra layer of excitement to the artistic process.

Showcase Your Creation:

Once dry, proudly display the artwork in your home or classroom. Observe as the vibrant creation becomes a focal point of joy and admiration.

Dynamic Tape Resist Art
Dynamic Tape Resist Art


Tape Resist Art is more than just an art project; it celebrates creativity and imaginative expression. This straightforward yet captivating activity empowers students to convey themselves artistically while infusing any space with a burst of colour. It is also fun and simple; students can quickly see the results.


Tony Parker

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